NORWOOD RichardTitre de l'ouvrage :Trigonometrie or, the doctrine of triangles : divided into two books : the first shewing the mensuration of right lined triangles : the second of sphericall : with the grounds and demonstrations thereof. Both performed by that late and excellent invention of logarithmes, after a more easie and compendious manner, than hath beene formerly taught. Whereunto is annexed (chiefly for the use of seamen,) a treatise of the application thereof in the three principall kindes of sailing. With certaine necessary tables used in navigation Publication : London - W. Jones - 1631
SFT N° 405Description : [8], 129, [187] p. ; fig. ; in-4 Note édition :1re éditionNote sujet :"Trigonométrie ou la théorie des triangles". - Solutions mathématiques aux problèmes de navigation Thème :MathématiquesMots clés :Trigonométrie
Localisation :
Paris, BNF, V-7034 /1
London, British Library, 52.c.2

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