Method of use

Each notice describes a printed edition, regardless of its form: book, article, map, engraving, etc.:

  • Author(s): surname, first name, biographical dates, area(s) of activity, nationality
  • Title: title of the document
  • Publication: place, publisher, date
  • Description: page numbering or folio numbering, illustration, format
  • Other author(s): surname, first name, biographical dates, role (editor, translator, commentator, illustrator)
  • Notes on the edition: original edition, reprint, translation for monographs; title of periodical, issue no., date, page numbering for articles; additional information: title and date of each volume for multivolume editions, a reference to the presence of other texts by other authors, link to other editions, etc.
  • Notes on the subject: brief commentary on content and on the interest of the document
  • Key words: a list of subjects covered
  • Link to the digital version of the document
  • Localisation: copies present in public libraries