A compendium of the theory and practice of midwifery

BARD SamuelBook name :A compendium of the theory and practice of midwifery, containing practical instructions for the management of women during pregnancy, in labour, and in child-bed ; calculated to correct the errors, and to improve the practice, of midwives; as well as to serve as an introduction to the study of this art, for students and young practitioners Publication : New York - Collins and Perkins - 1807
SFT N° 1001Description : 239 p. ; 19 fig. ; 18 cm Note edition :1re éditionSubject note :"Traité de la théorie et de la pratique de l’obstétrique". - 1er traité américain d’obstétrique Theme :MédecineKeywords :Obstétrique
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Bethesda (Md.), National Library of Medicine
Location :
Boston (Ma), Countway Library of Medicine, RG93 .B23

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