A Treatise on the diseases of children

UNDERWOOD MichaelBook name :A Treatise on the diseases of children, with directions for the management of infants from the birth ; especially such as are brought up by hand Publication : London - J. Mathews - 1784
SFT N° 900Description : XII, 288 p. ; fig. ; in-8 Note edition :1re édition. – Édition française : "Traité des maladies des enfans". Paris : T. Barois le jeune, 1786Theme :MédecineKeywords :Pédiatrie
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Madrid, Universidad Complutense Biblioteca, BH MED 4748
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Édition française
Paris, Bibliothèque interuniversitaire de médecine, 34877
Location :
Paris, BNF, 8-TD36-31
London, British Library, 1606/544

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